5 Crucial Learns From the Rise Business Conference


I had the honor of attending an incredible conference in South Carolina in November. It was hosted by the super spunky and well-known Rachel Hollis and her awesome husband Dave Hollis. The line-up of speakers was so good! Narrowing down the list of the most crucial learns was next to impossible, but here they are!

Provide something other than a service to grow the business.
Whether you are in a service or product-based business, it is crucial to create more than one stream of revenue. Let’s say you established your business around an incredible service you provide. Next, you want to look into how you can monetize an additional piece of what you do. Education through a digital platform is a great way to expand your revenue and possibly reach new audiences. Similarly, you can expand into products such as merchandise. Creating multiple streams of revenue is key to success, because as you know, everything ebbs and flows in business.

Every successful speaker at the conference failed at some point.
The speaker line-up, as I said, was incredible. Ed Mylett, Brendan Burchard, Amy Porterfield…just to name a few…took the stage to tell us all about how they had failed at some point in their career. Not only that, they shared how that was key to their success. Their failures put them on the path toward where they needed to be, where they were even more fulfilled. Their stories were so inspiring and comforting, because I think we can all agree that we’ve failed at some point in our life! How could we be who and where we are now, without that experience? Failure is good!

Health is vital to sustaining long term success.
Success typically doesn’t stick to just one area of your life. If you are successful in one area you are more than likely successful in others! Specifically, if you are focused on and successful at maintaining your health, it breeds into your long-term success in business. I have not always prioritized my health, but it reignited my commitment to exercising and eating healthy. We all tend to go through phases but establishing those healthy habits surrounding health are crucial to your success in life. Go jump on that treadmill, or Peloton! 😉

You have to DO it before you SELL it.
Integrity is crucial to your success in business. When I am looking for someone to teach me or take care of something for me, I trust they have the knowledge I do not have. This reminded me of one of my favorite phrases “do not accept criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice.” Do not pretend to be someone you aren’t. Sell and teach what you know, and if you don’t know, say that! There is no shame in admitting you do not know something.  

People really only want to be loved.
When you truly value and love people, your life changes and so does theirs. Your employees want to be loved for who they are and appreciated for their contributions. Your customers or clients want to be loved, though they may never admit that to you 😉 When was the last time you really loved them? You can start today! Yes, love is crucial to business success!


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