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If you have a problem, we’ll help solve it. We have been on both sides of the table and offer a different perspective to save you time and money in your financial matters. When it comes to high-level financial needs of small- and mid-size businesses, navigating how to best utilize partnerships with CPAs, bankers and financial representatives can be overwhelming. Let us take the numbers off your plate so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. We can be your guide and make the complex business world feel less heavy. Starting with a casual, fact-finding conversation about what your business needs are, we aim to identify the best solution or align you with a partner who better supports your needs.

Who is Light Consulting for?

For organizations or leaders:

  • Operating successful 6- and 7-figure businesses
  • Wanting to reduce their 12-14 hour work days
  • Wanting a comprehensive solution to their financial data
  • Ready to take their businesses to the next level
  • Wanting to step into the CEO role by outsourcing to a fractional CFO
  • Striving for financial longevity and sustainability in business
    Wanting to position their business for long-term success
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Financial Consulting

You started your business because you're passionate about the service or product you provide. Focus on that and let us handle the numbers side of the business. Our financial expertise and guidance will help you grow your business. Our team will help you understand your financial situation, identifying areas of growth, and setting you up for long-term success.

Whether you need a Fractional CFO or a Financial Accountant, we've got you covered and will walk by your side every step of the way. We offer a cost-effective way for small/medium-sized businesses to utilize professional finance and accounting without the commitment of a full-time hire.

When your business scales, you eventually find out you can no longer just wing it with your financials. That's when we come in! We provide financial management, CFO-level advice, bookkeeping, and business insights that will make business feel lighter for you.

As our client, you can expect:
• QuickBooks setup or refresh
• Data organization to identify growth and profit opportunities
• Ongoing financial coaching/consulting to guide your decision making
• Monthly profit analysis
• Monthly, quarterly, and/or year-end reporting
• Tax season support

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Executive Coaching

You feel that you are full of potential as a business professional and leader, but don't know how to get from where you are to where you want to be. You are someone who is competent, driven, and experienced, but need some guidance on how to grow and become your best self. That's where our coaches step in!

Our coaches will equip you with the knowledge and opportunities you need to develop yourself and become more effective as a leader and business professional. We will help you move through transitions, dilemmas, alignments, or advancements through one-on-one dedicated time to your dreams and goals.

Our time together is a practical, results-driven conversation used to provide guidance which you can immediately apply. We know an accountability partner is essential to your success and that is what we provide. Your accountability partner has been in your shoes and will walk with you side-by-side to guide you through this process.

We strive to see results in:
• Improvement in team leadership performance
• Sustainable organizational change
• Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness to better utilize your strengths
• Higher levels of leader resilience
• Development of strategic thinking skills

Jim Roers, Owner of Roers Companies
Light Consulting Client
“In my 40+ years in business, I have never experienced someone quite like Sarah. Her ability to understand and present complex financial information so I can make business decisions easily is unmatched in a finance professional. She understands the big picture, not just the numbers.”
Light Consulting Client
“I have worked with several business coaches and always felt that I was receiving the cookie cutter service. Sarah knows our industry and yet does not steer me in any certain direction. She coaches-not leads. I feel that she has our best interests in mind and truly wants to see us succeed.”
Light Consulting Client
“Light Consulting provides coaching and facilitation methods consistent with our culture and leadership training. Light communicates in a respectful manner and has the business acumen to understand the technical and soft skills required in our line of business.”
Light Consulting Client
“A business at times needs to spend money wisely to make money and to truly invest into the growth of your business. I would highly recommend to any business who is at that pivotal point of growth and wanting sound advice and help.”
Light Consulting Client
“Normally I would be sleeping an hour in talking about numbers but Sarah is so great at breaking things down and explaining them in a way that anyone can understand.”
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