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Our Misson

We exist to make business
and life Light  for our clients.

Our core values are the driving force behind who we are and how we serve our clients on a daily basis. You can quickly see how our values, along with our mission, come to life when you do business with us.

Hey you! We are Light Consulting. Fractional CFOs, Financial Consultants, Executive Coaches, & Leadership Gurus. Let me tell you a little about who we are!

It all started one day when I was sitting in my corporate office thinking "this is it?". Being pulled in a hundred different directions while being asked to stay in my lane. I had been in the financial industry in various roles for 15 years, learning and gaining experience, eventually landing in a CFO role for a reputable construction company. It was a dream job and what I had worked all those years for. My decision to leave the corporate world ultimately came because of the realization that I have a gift to make complex financial matter simple, and many small- and medium-sized businesses didn't have access to that. I also wanted more control of my schedule as I was missing out on so much precious time with my husband and children, easily putting in 60 hours of work a week. I prayed and prayed about my situation, with God repeatedly telling me that with Him on my side, anything is possible. Excited, but oh-so nervous, I told myself, “Heck yes, I can go out on my own and make a difference in peoples’ lives with my professional expertise, while having a much better work-life blend”!

How did I decide on Light Consulting? Well, I started this business back in 2019 to help YOU, as busy professionals, become your best self in all aspects of life. I wanted to help clients illuminate the light within to lead you to better results and more joy. Since its inception, we have found our groove and grown exponentially as an organization.

As the name “Light” quite literally implies, we want to make business and life LIGHT for our clients. Life is heavy... Business is heavy... Money is emotional... and we want to make it light! It’s not an easy task to make this happen from a business standpoint, but we lean on the light of Jesus, strongly believing again that anything is possible if we have Him on our side.

In three short years, we have become a trusted advisor to over 30 clients and 80 entities. The team approaches their work by walking beside our clients in every way, fulfilling their needs in whatever way possible, with poise, integrity, and a drive to bring them to a level of success they never thought possible.

What is it that we do besides making peoples’ dreams come true? Check out our services here!

Light's owner, Sarah West, laughs while looking down at her computer screen.
The Crew

Meet Our Team

Sarah West


MBTI: ESFJ | Enneagram 2

Drew Sannes

Operations & Marketing Director

MBTI: ISFJ | Enneagram 1

Kari Stenger

Senior Accountant

MBTI: ESFJ | Enneagram 2

Bryce Meehl

Senior Accountant

MBTI: ISTJ | Enneagram 3

Toi Voss

Financial Accountant

MBTI: ENFJ | Enneagram 3

Megan Hilde

Financial Accountant

MBTI: ESTJ | Enneagram 3

Ahron Walter

Fractional CFO

MBTI: ENTP | Enneagram 3

Alexis Syverson

Accounting Coordinator

MBTI: ESTJ | Enneagram 1

Stephanie Youngblom

Accounting Coordinator

MBTI: ESFJ | Enneagram 3

Jennifer Dahl

Accounting Coordinator

MBTI: ISTJ | Enneagram 5

Courtney Eickschen

Payroll Specialist

MBTI: ESFJ | Enneagram 2

Betsy Christianson

Manager of Chaos & Culture

MBTI: ENFJ | Enneagram 1

Our Core Values

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