Business can feel heavy. It doesn't have to be! We host Webinars, Entre-Hour, and CFO Peer Groups, to make business feel a little less heavy for you.


Upcoming Training & Events

March 1, 2023
10:00am - 5:00pm

Finance. Simplified.

Finance for non-financial managers & leaders. Build confidence at work, able to analyze, evaluate, and communicate organizational finances.

Sarah is on a mission to help business owners and leaders thrive. Not everything has to feel as heavy as you might think. That's where Sarah comes in to makes things feel Light. Join this full day of learning on March 1st as Sarah breaks down organizational finances in a way that everybody can understand and immediately apply in their jobs.

What can you expect?
→ A full day of learning and growth for non-financial managers and leaders.
→ Simplified financial concepts.
→ Practical application of the topics to your organization.
→ Access to influential business professionals in our community.
→ In-depth dive into organizational finances.
→ Printed worksheets, quick guides, and other supplemental documents.
→ Bonus takeaways!

Feb 8, 2023
4:00 - 6:00pm


For all of you entrepreneurs and business owners, come and hear the shit Google doesn't tell you about owning a business!

Entre-Hour is for entrepreneurs who love a cold drink and a great conversation. We host a panel of featured entrepreneurs at each event and grill them with the fun and tough questions to help all of us learn. Stories of struggle and success are part of every entrepreneur's journey and we aim to create connection through sharing those and creating an environment that is safe to do so.

Info and registration link for next event to come

February 22, 2023


2/23 Topic: TBD

Sarah West leads quarterly webinars that help you, as business owners and leaders, thrive in what you do. Not everything has to feel as heavy as you might think.

Past topics:
→ We Expect a Recession... Is your Small Business Ready?
7 Things you Should Know Before Starting a Business
Pricing as a Business Wwner - Finding the Sweet Spot
→ What you Should Know about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)
→ A Taste of Finance. Simplified.

February 2023

CFO Peer Group

Next Topic: Taxation

Sarah West hosts quarterly sessions for CFOs in the area to get together and learn from one another. The CFO Peer Group typically meets from 8:00 am - 9:30 am, with light breakfast and coffee included. These sessions are casual, with round table discussions and a short guest presentation focusing on the chosen quarterly topic. The best way to learn about what's going on in the CFO world is from other CFOs!

Past topics & Speakers:
→ Robotic Process Automation (Trina Michels - Eide Bailly Technology Consulting)
→ Retention & Attraction (Ashton Hansen - Allegro Group)
→ Doing it all - wearing all the hats as CFO (Melissa Marshall - Dale Carnegie of ND & MN)

Interested in having Sarah
speak at an event or lead a training?

  • Executive Leadership Laws
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business Forecasting
  • Finding your Purpose
  • What do you want to hear from Sarah?
Light Consulting Client
“In my 40+ years in business, I have never experienced someone quite like Sarah. Her ability to understand and present complex financial information so I can make business decisions easily is unmatched in a finance professional. She understands the big picture, not just the numbers.”
Light Consulting Client
“I have worked with several business coaches and always felt that I was receiving the cookie cutter service. Sarah knows our industry and yet does not steer me in any certain direction. She coaches-not leads. I feel that she has our best interests in mind and truly wants to see us succeed.”
Light Consulting Client
“Light Consulting provides coaching and facilitation methods consistent with our culture and leadership training. Light communicates in a respectful manner and has the business acumen to understand the technical and soft skills required in our line of business.”
Light Consulting Client
“A business at times needs to spend money wisely to make money and to truly invest into the growth of your business. I would highly recommend to any business who is at that pivotal point of growth and wanting sound advice and help.”
Light Consulting Client
“Normally I would be sleeping an hour in talking about numbers but Sarah is so great at breaking things down and explaining them in a way that anyone can understand.”