5 important reasons you need CFO Services


Football season is coming to a close, and sadly once again our Vikings will not make it to the Championship. But there is always next year, right?

Now that I have your attention, I know you are wondering what in the world football has to do with CFO services. Well, meet your financial quarterback, Light Consulting & Coaching.

The quarterback can be considered the leader of the offensive team. His or her job is to see nearly every player on the field and is often responsible for the good and bad outcomes of the game.  In this case, it is about knowing the skills of the other players and how to leverage them to move the ball aka organization down the field.

As a leader, your job is similar, yet we take the guesswork and financial strategy off your plate. We own that and drive forward to success.

1. We are educated and provide timely, accurate financial information.
You are going to have a hard time making decisions if all you have is incorrect or old information. Is your tax advisor comfortable catching big passes for longer gains or do they only work well a few yards off the line? Does your banker get creative in weaving in and out of challenges as they present themselves?  One common mistake is to make all decisions in an effort to save tax dollars.  Because the bank needs to operate with certain restrictions, continuously showing a loss to avoid paying tax will also make it difficult for the bank to borrow your organization money.

2. We take the time to understand the organizational goals and know how to reach them.
3. We know the competition and the laws affecting your business including employment and tax law.
What is the competition doing to price, market share, all that data that CFOs gets excited about analyzing?  Knowing the laws or cards your opponents may play help you hedge your downside.

4. If your offensive line is weak, your QB doesn’t stand a chance.
As a Vikings fan, I can see how little time Cousins has to make decisions because the offensive line isn’t holding back the opponents.  If your internal team is not efficient in producing accurate and timely financial information, your CFO will struggle to have enough processing time to make the best decisions and move the organization forward.

5. We know we can’t do it alone and need the whole team to work together, so we partner with you to get the job done.
Because of where the quarterback is positioned on the field, they see the most of any player on offense for the duration of the play. They take the ball from the people who prepare the information and give it to the appropriate member of the team to get the ball/organization the furthest on the play.

Providing CFO services does not only mean we know finance and the associated tax rules. We understand people and have a desire to build relationships with all those involved to get us to that championship! We provide the financial guidance you need while educating your team on the applicable laws. Our goal is to lower your stress to help you focus on what you do best; run your business.

Hey, maybe the Vikings could use us? Superbowl 2021, HERE WE COME!

I would love to be your team’s CFO & Quarterback.



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