Light Leaders Pilot Program: A Successful Launch

Having a desire to implement change is one thing but actually taking the steps to make that desire a reality is another.

Eight leaders embarked on our Leadership Journey focused on Self in September 2019 and it was an incredible experience. Like any pilot program there are wins and learns, but the most incredible piece of the program that we did not anticipate were the connections that were created out of pure vulnerability and desire for self-betterment.

I commend each one of our attendees for their open-minded attitudes and willingness to share their personal journeys. Their willingness to share encouraged others to be at ease and created connections that helped them each on their own personal journeys in leadership.

The most memorable piece for me was the realization that there is such a hunger within great leaders to become the best person they can be, to then be the best leader they can be. I was fortunate to be surrounded by those hungry people and watch them transform through their 8-week journey. They were already incredible leaders, but through taking the MBTI and understanding their natural preferences they were able to take the next step in growth and apply those learnings to their daily lives.

As a lover of knowledge and information, I chose to include a lot of content that has affected me and helped me along in my journey. My learn was that by including so much information it allowed us less time to focus in depth on other important pieces, so I adjusted the content for our October journey. Creating a program that is valuable and life changing is our mission and therefore we are always evolving.




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